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Smoke, Haze and Fan

Smoke, Haze and Fan
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Haze is a thin, translucent effect used for lighting/atmosphere enhancement. Haze consists of very fine liquid droplets that are distributed evenly over a large area to form a mist. Some hazers vaporize fluid by forcing it through a heater, and others vaporize it using high air pressure. ..
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Martin Magnum 1800 Smoke Machine (new)
  The Magnum 1800 is a high-powered fogger suitable for any installation - from the largest to the smallest. Highly flexible, the 1800 is built sleek and rugged.   Continuous output 580 m³/min fog output  1150 W (240V) / 1000 W (110V) heat exchanger 9 min heat-up time Optional flying kit 3.8 liter fluid capacity Different fluid options for different applications Onboard DMX Internal remote control storage Tim..
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Martin Professional Pro Smoke Super Fluid 1x5L (new)
This industry standard fluid is the automatic choice of most users. A dense white airborne fog is produced with a medium length dispersal time. Its medium to high index of refraction makes this formula ideal for all effects. ..
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